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About us

Here at Belfast Hidden Tours we love to showcase our wonderful city to visitors from all around the world and to those closer to home.

It is our aim to bring as much fun and craic to our experiences and tours. We pride ourselves on working with the best the city has to offer; from our tour guides, performers, pubs, food and even the random Belfastions you may come across on your journeys.

Join us and find out why we are so passionate about our great city.

Hidden Tours

To get a great understanding of our people, places and products take one of our many city centre based tours. From our ‘bread and butter’ tour Belfast Boasts to bespoke tours on such topics as literature, peace walls, graveyards and churches. Pick a tour which interests you the most.

Belfast Hidden Tours guides all are passionate, professional and most importantly great fun (craic) so be sure to book us into your visit to Belfast.

Hidden Tours

Belfast Culture

You can’t have a visit to Belfast without getting to immerse yourself in the citys great culture and nightlife. Be sure to sample our local drinks while enjoying some of the best professional Irish dancers and traditional musicians.

Let Belfast Hidden Tours and in particular the team from ‘The Belfast Story’ provide the best entertainment in the city on your visit. We’ll have you dancing and singing in no time!

Culture Tours

Food & Drinks

If you’ve got down this far, your in for a treat. Belfast and the surrounding areas are some of the best for farming and food produce in the world. Sample and savour these whilst hearing the stories and myths behind these.

Hear about the food and produce of our city in our Barneys Belfast food tour or else come and be merry as we explore the drinks of our city in Belfast Toasts.

Food & Drinks Tours


Over the years our company has continuously created tour products with the needs of our visitors at the heart of the experience. We pride ourselves in striving to have the most creative and enjoyable tour products locally offered.

Why not come and try for yourself and immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful of our city. Due to the current global travel situation, keep an eye on here for online options for those from afar.

Experience Tours

Game of Thrones

Anyone in the know, will tell you that Game of Thrones changed the landscape of home entertainment and had millions of viewers worldwide hooked on this epic. We would love to have you join us as we explore the ‘Home of Thrones’.

We have some fantastic local tales and myths to show you that Westeros is closer to home than you think and of course a chance to get dressed up and be your favourite thrones character.

GOT Tours
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