Doors of Thrones

An adventure like no other, visit our own version of Westeros and its doors

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What to expect


Our team at the 'Trail of Thrones' have devised the ultimate experience for the biggest Game of Thrones fans around. Come explore our local lands, world class food & drink and more importantly meet our legendary storytellers and entertainers.

The Legacy of the series will be felt for decades, so join us on a 3 day adventure you will never forget!! This tour will include a trip to our own mythical landmarks the Giant Causeway and the spectacular Marble Arch Caves.

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5 star review

"I brought along 4 of my Aussie mates to the tour upon the recommendation of a colleague in Melbourne. I wasn't disappointed. The guide was very interesting and friendly, was always in jovial mood and had a vast knowledge of the city and its sights. The walking tour was at a steady but casual pace and was well worth the reasonable price we paid. Thanks guys. I'll be back!"

Ronan F – Guest visitor

Tour Details

This tour will begin and end in Belfast, although alternative arrangements can be made. All tours will take on current and relevant Covid-19 regulations and guidelines. 

Number of guests can range from 1-16 people. This tour will be a full 3 day tour, food, experiences and accommodation included. 

This tour is currently a private offering and we will quote prices dependent on the offerings the group want included.

If need a tour for time and date not scheduled, please email and will do our best to accommodate you on your visit

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