Game of Thrones

Have you heard about the stain glass windows hidden along Belfast’s iconic maritime mile, or even the many bespoke doors scattered throughout Northern Ireland, if not, come with us and be the ultimate fan.

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"We are truly excited about bringing new Game of Thrones trails to the market. After finding the perfect guide to lead us on our many Thrones journeys, we cant wait to bring visitors on memorable tours and experiences that Westeros would be proud of."

Conor Owens – Company Director

Doors of Thrones

‘When you play the Game of Thrones, you will win or die. There is no middle ground!!’

Just like the epic series, for any ‘set-jetting’ fans, the ultimate experience is to travel within our own Westeros and visit the iconic Doors of Thrones.

After some of the ‘Dark Hedges trees fell over in a recent storm, the wood was used to craft 10 unique doors depicting each episode in series 6. Join us on this great adventure for only the brave and curious!!

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