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Discover the most exclusive & hidden locations across Belfast with our great selection of walking tours. Unearth the secrets of this city’s rich recent history and explore the people, places and products that make Belfast one of the most unique cities in the world.

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"Did a wonderful walking tour this past Saturday with Conor Owens, whose witty, intelligent, and thoughtful conversation brought small corners or Belfast to life. I learned a lot and had a great timing doing so. I'd highly recommend Hidden Tours (esp if you can go with Conor!), particularly if you only have a short time in Belfast a want to get a feel for the stories, history, and places that add up to make Belfast the intriguing city it is."

Gerry McMahon - BHT Customer

Belfast Boasts (City Tour)

Come on a journey with one of our lively guides as we take in all the different aspects of our city that make Belfast one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. From such a small city, we’ve a massive heart and even louder voice to boast when and where we can.

From the historic entries to the creative centre of the Cathedral Quarter, prepare to become proud and dazzled by our city’s great people and places. We’ve handpicked over the past 5 years some of the best hidden gems that you certainly won’t find without our trusted guides.  

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Belfast Beyond Walls (Political Tour)

When our company began 5 years ago, we decided we would cover the story of ‘The Troubles’ more on the present and with hope to the future. We are proud that ‘Belfast Beyond Walls’ has helped visitors and those closer to home get a more in-depth and comprehensive analyse of our current political history and with particular focus on our Peace Walls.

Irish history is known for being complex and Belfast is a perfect example of this. In order to understand the present and plan for the future, the past is the best place to learn from.

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