Due to the recent crisis we are missing many visitors from all around the world, but if you can’t visit Belfast for now, let us bring some local experiences and stories to your own home. Keep an eye out as we bring a number of experiences online, as a thank you from us to you for keeping Belfast in your thoughts.

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5 star review

"I brought along 4 of my Aussie mates to the tour upon the recommendation of a colleague in Melbourne. I wasn't disappointed. The guide was very interesting and friendly, was always in jovial mood and had a vast knowledge of the city and its sights. The walking tour was at a steady but casual pace and was well worth the reasonable price we paid. Thanks guys. I'll be back!"

Ronan F – Guest visitor

Bronze Bricks Treasure Hunt

This experience is designed for families or even the big kid inside us all. Explore the gorgeous Cathedral Quarter on the hunt for the mysterious hidden bronze bricks. Once found, use the clues to find the hidden treasures. 

This experience includes super local gifts from some of the best local artists that Belfast has to offer to help keep the memory of your adventure in Belfast forever.

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Bitesize Intro to Belfast (Online)

For anyone missing out on good old Belfast craic and dark humour, this is the place for you. Our talk will be as random and as mixed up as our city’s complex history, so be prepared for some lively chat around all things Belfast.

Who knows what we have in store,

maybe we don’t, maybe we do,

it's up to you,

to book on through,

and see the madness and stories,

to be kept between us and you!!

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Causeway & Chill

Come and visit what is known as the 8th wonder of the world, the magnificent Giants Causeway. This trip is like no other as we put relaxation, luxury and splendour at the heart of this trip.

Explore the local area while taking in some of the finest scenery and foods this part of the world has to offer with some of the area’s best guides and tradespeople. Who knows, you may even want to try out a seaweed bath when up here or sample some world class whiskeys.

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Four Spirits, Three Saints

Join us on a journey through Co. Down on our bespoke tour 'Four Spirits, 3 Saints'.

What better way to spend a day in one of the lands most beautiful scenic areas, Co. Down, than with our trusted guides and offerings. Hear about the tales of Ireland's 3 Saints; Brigid, Columba and Patrick before sampling some of the best local drink and food products.


Travel in luxury as we explore one of the industries hidden treasures and find the gems and people that make this area so special. From sampling award winning gins to guided walks around magical gardens, a full day’s exploration lies ahead.

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